About Us

Hoxtonn is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle sexual wellness label founded by Emily Adams, in an effort to pave the way for much-needed innovation in the sexual wellness industry. 

We craft beautiful sexual wellness products, made with only the highest quality body-safe materials and we believe they should be simple and fun for everyone to enjoy. Bonus: no more awkward drugstore browsing or confusing lineup of products.



Emily Adams, Founder / CEO  

Born in New Hampshire and raised in California I was formerly the Creative Lead for the BII Women’s team, and at the same time, a designer, and consultant for industry-leading wellness and lifestyle brands. 

Hoxtonn began as a curated collection of articles and images that represent a life surrounded by beauty. It soon expanded into a print magazine, covering sexual wellness, love, health, relationships, and science. Now, we offer a collection of simple, yet thoughtfully designed products that emphasize quality, simplicity, and fun.

Together with our team of health, design, and lifestyle authors and advisors, we look forward to paving the way for much-needed innovation and to changing the way people think about their own sexual wellness.