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Collection: Hoxtonn Sex Toys

Innovative sex toy maker HOXTONN creates the greatest products for all types of bodies.

With genuinely cutting-edge sex technology designed to give the best possible enjoyment for both sex with a partner and solitary play.

Our Innovation Award-winning sex toys include The Rose Toy Clit Suction Stimulator, Angel, and Amy.

Our external clitoral stimulation products imitate the various ways that the body experiences pleasure and sexual gratification using biomimicry technology.

These products include Amy, a clitoral stimulator that imitates the circular motions of massaging and stimulation, Pheonix, a clitoral stimulator that imitates rhythmic tapping and pulsing sensations to arouse and bring you to climax, and The Rose Toy Clit Suction StimulatorĀ our best-selling clitoral stimulator that uses suction and deep rumbly vibrations to imitate the sensations of an attentive partner.

We also offer a special warming line with patented technology that distributes heat evenly to important stimulation points.

Your time with your personal massager will feel more erotic and thrilling than ever thanks to technology.

A USB-C charger, a handbook, and a one-year warranty are all included with every HOXTONN product.

Additionally, each of our products has a travel lock option and a one-touch feature.

You can return to any base or low-power setting with a single touch without turning the product off.

Our travel lock function prevents any toys from accidentally turning on while you are traveling (more information listed in your user manual.)