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Collection: Award Winning Products

For ladies and people with vulvas seeking simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the g-spot, LUNA is our best sex toy. 

LUNA gives you the sensation of a mixed orgasm using creative stroking techniques, clitoral thrumming, and suction.

Our most popular clitoral suction and stimulation sex toy is called LILA. It is one of the best sex toys for couples because it can be used for both self-pleasure and during sexual activity.

One of our best available g-spot stimulators is MYA. MYA can stimulate internal pleasure centers like the g-spot and the prostate by combining special stroking motions with powerful, deep vibrations.

Your internal erogenous zone can be found and explored with the aid of MYA.

A USB-C charger, a handbook, and a one-year warranty are all included with every HOXTONN product.

Additionally, each of our products has a travel lock option and a one-touch feature.

You can return to any base or low-power setting with a single touch without turning the product off.

Our travel lock function prevents any toys from accidentally turning on while you are traveling (more information is listed in your user manual.)